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  • Jonathan Osler

Racial Disparities in Completion Rates During Distance Learning

This graph comes from the Back To School Action Guide to Close the School-to-Prison Pipeline from the Sentencing Project.

Graph showing disparities by race in distance learning completion rates from Spring 2020

In The Classroom

Questions for students to explore:

  • Describe what you see in this graph. In your own words, what information is it presenting?

  • Which school types had the highest completion rates in Spring 2020? Lowest?

  • What is the source of the data in this graph? Where did they obtain this data?

  • What might explain why some groups of students had lower completion rates for distance learning?

Extension Opportunities

  • Explore the impact of COVID on different communities by race

  • Explore how the digital divide impacts low-income communities of color and how lack of access to computers and the internet play a role in disparate course completion rates

How Would You Use This News?

How would you use this graph in your classroom? What math content could it help students explore? Share your ideas in the comments.

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