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  • Jonathan Osler

Addressing systemic racism’s impact on food insecurity.

This great visual is part of a longer article created on Tableau by the organization Feeding America.

In The Classroom

Questions and content to explore with students might include:

  • What is 'food insecurity'?

  • Given population estimates, how many people from each racial group are likely experiencing food insecurity across the U.S.? In your city/state?

  • Which group is experiencing the most food insecurity? How do you know?

  • How does the rate of ___ compare to ____?

  • What percent of people from each race are experiencing food insecurity?

  • In 2019, 35 million people in the U.S. experienced food insecurity. How many people from each racial group experienced food insecurity?

  • Can you determine an average rate of food insecurity based on this data?

  • Represent this data using a different type of chart or graph.

  • Conduct research to determine how these rates compare with other countries.

  • What accounts for the differences in rates by race?

How Would You Use This News?

How would you use this graph in your classroom? What math content could it help students explore? Share your ideas in the comments.

1 Comment

James Phillips
James Phillips
Jan 30, 2023

Hi Jonathan & company! I love that you created this space for sharing - a fellow geometry teacher from across the country shared your ~2007 write-up of reasons why and lesson connections to different mathematical subjects/areas of study. I hope you plan to attend this summer's TODOS Conference - I might be in attendance and I think lots of great connections are to be made there!

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