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  • Jonathan Osler

Racial Segregation in the Bay Area

These powerful resources come from the Othering & Belonging Institute's Roots of Structural Racism project

In The Classroom

Questions and content to explore with students might include:

  • What is "median household income"? Why is the median used instead of a different type of averaging?

  • What does "inter-municipal divergence" mean? How did the authors calculate those values? Why are they all below 1? Why sort these values from largest to smallest?

  • Can a city that is highly diverse also be segregated? How? Why?

  • Compare the median HHI with different racial compositions by city. How strong do these racial groups correlated with the HHI?

  • What is the relationship, if any, between the percent of a city that is white (or another race) to it's ranking in this list?

  • Choose some of this data to represent in graph form. What are the key takeaways from your graph?

How Would You Use This News?

How would you use this graph in your classroom? What math content could it help students explore? Share your ideas in the comments.

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