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We provide tailored services to schools, districts, and organizations to support your success with integrating social and racial justice into STEM classes. 



Great curriculum is only as powerful as the educators who bring it to life in their classrooms. We provide professional development - both in person, and virtual - tailored to the needs of your team. From teachers at the same school, to a group of educators across a district, to virtual teams collaborating on new projects, our equity-centered approach to facilitating adult learning will leave your participants inspired and empowered to enact anti-racist teaching practices and curriculum.


We develop K-12 curriculum around specific math content and social/racial justice issues to fit the needs of your students, school, and learning community. Whether you're looking for individual lessons, larger units, or a year-long course design, we will bring your project from concept to the classroom. 

We support individual educator and teacher teams with ongoing coaching as they implement anti-racist STEM curriculum and classroom practices. Coaching can be adapted for in-person and virtual environments, and includes support with lesson planning, conducting observation cycles, supporting peer observations and debriefs, and other effective practices to support growth and effectiveness.

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